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Live the Dream!
At Moyer’s Nursery, we create landscapes
you’ll love to live in.

Moyer's Nursery and Landscaping is a Landscape
Company designed to accommodate all of your
Landscape and Gardening needs.  A quality
Landscape is one of the most important
features of your home or business.  Not only does
it enhance the beauty of your structure but it is
the first indication of your tastes and lifestyle
which greets visitors and friends.
Leisure time is important to all of us, thus the
plants we recommend for you, require very
minimal care and maintenance.  
We would like to consult with you regarding your
Landscape needs.  An estimate includes a
Landscape Plan and is FREE of charge.  
Let us design a new Landscape for you!
Our Services....
When considering your next landscape project...
You need look no further than
Moyer’s Nursery and Landscaping!