For a landscape that’s just right for you, you need a company that
takes the time to understand your needs, desires, and outdoor
interests…a company committed to each important detail.  One
that shares your goal of establishing a look now that will provide
enjoyment, appeal, and value for years to come.  From the smallest
to the largest jobs, Moyer’s starts with the basics of good design;
combining form with function, beauty with utility.

Bringing Your Plan To Life
A great design suited to you and your home is only the first step.  
Moyer’s also installs every element of your design with careful
attention to every building and planting detail.  Only the finest,
fully guaranteed materials are used, and we are finished with your
project only when you’re completely satisfied!  Bringing out the
beauty in your natural surroundings while enhancing the value of
your property is what we do at Moyer’s Nursery, and we hope you’ll
choose us for all of your landscape needs.  

Plans and Programs Tailored to Your Needs
Creative, up-to-date, and customized designs…service that
surpasses your expectations for dependability!  Whether you’re
looking for a specialized landscape design or ongoing care for
your growing landscape’s needs, Moyer’s has the answers.  From
structural elements to unique plantings and dependable service,
great things take shape when you escape the ordinary with Moyer’
s Nursery!  Treat yourself to the top-notch service and results our
clients have been enjoying since 1978.  
Your Opinions Count!
Help us bring you the best plants possible!  
We want to hear from you about any new and
exciting plant material or garden items that you
may want to see us carry. We value your
opinion and want to know any new
and fresh ideas from our customers.  
Drop us a line anytime at (330) 832-0889 or  Thanks!
In The Zone
Will the plant you buy this year
come back next year?  It
depends on where you live.  
To survive year after year, a
plant must be able to tolerate
year-round conditions in your
area, such as the lowest and
highest temperatures and the
amount of rainfall.  If you live
in zone 5, any plant that is
hardy to zone 5 or lower would
be a perennial in your area
and anything zone 6 or higher
would be an annual.
Moyer's Nursery is a
Certified Monarch
Let us do your dirty work!  
Call now!  330.832.0889

for our Christmas season!
Be Chums with Mums!
Fall’s Favorite Flower

Mum plants are a symbol of fall, with their domes of rich, jewel-tone colors.
Mums pop up late in the season and are ubiquitous in fall gardens.  

Even before the temperature drops, our mums are ready and just waiting for
you to make the perfect mum arrangement for your front door. We love to
use them in all of our fall decorating ideas. Mums bloom in the perfect
palette for fall color at your door. These fall flowers come in orange, red,
yellow, bronze,pink, purple, and even white. Make a colorful impact by your
door with a beautiful fall container garden made with groups of mums in pots
or go all out for fall with a mumkin!
At Moyer's, we grow over 12,500 mums
that are available in 58 different colors!  
Hurry in while the selection is superb!