About Our Business

Bruce Moyer left Massillon in 1964 bound for Ohio
State University to be a football manager with Woody
Hayes's Buckeyes and to study Veterinarian Medicine.  
He began working in the OSU greenhouses and fell in
love with the horticulture industry.  He graduated from
OSU in 1969 with a degree in horticulture and took his
first job teaching at a brand new vocational/technical
college in Zanesville, Ohio.  It was in Zanesville where
he began working in the landscape industry and
eventually decided to start his own business back in his
hometown of Massillon.  Starting with five acres in
1978, he planted his first trees in syrup buckets.  Over
the years, Moyer's has grown from five acres to 25
acres and has kept several of the same employees for
over 20 years.  All of the family is involved in the
business and Bruce's youngest daughter, Lara, has
taken over as garden center manager.

Here at the nursery, the season begins in the early
Spring and closes down just after Christmas.  We grow
over 15 acres of trees and landscape plants on location
for retail sales and landscape contracts.  We have four
original "growing" greenhouses as well as two sales
houses.  Construction was begun in the early part of
2003 on an additional greenhouse growing space.  Two
gutter connecting greenhouses with an adjoining pole
barn were in place by April 2003.  These new
greenhouses have provided our company the
opportunity to grow many new varieties of plants and
to keep the quality of our plants at the highest level.  
In the early Summer, as the retail rush begins to slow
down, we gear up to grow almost 13,000
Chrysanthemums.  Many of our mums will be sold to
wholesale customers and used on landscaping jobs, in
addition to being sold in the Garden Center.
In early November, the Christmas season begins.  A
large part of our Christmas business is the production
and sale of grave pillows and decorations. Live and cut
trees, poinsettias, and other greenery are also for sale
until the close of our season on December 24th.

We hope to see you soon!